2019/2020 Fees

Junior or Pensioner Joining Fee......$25.00 (for first year only)

Senior Joining Fee......$40.00 (for first year only)


YEARLY FEES now apply 1/7/19 to 30/6/20

Senior Membership ...........$230.00

Junior Membership ...........$115.00

Pensioner Membership ........$194.00

Associate Senior Membership ........$86.00 (VMAA/MAAA fee is paid to another club )

Associate Junior Membership .........$43.00 (VMAA/MAAA fee is paid to another club )

Associate Pensioner Membership ......$50.00 (VMAA/MAAA fee is paid to another club )

Senior or Pensioner Indoor Only Membership ..$146.00

Junior Indoor Only Membership ..$73.00

The Club also offers a Special Family Membership for families where there are more than 1 adult and 1 Junior. In this scenerio the Senior & Junior pay the normal fees but other members only pay the MAAA/VMAA fee + $1.00

In the 2007 year we introduced an Associate membership fee for anyone living more than 100km from Lake Narracan and it is $50.00. The 100km Associate members do not have voting rights and are allowed 6 visits per year.

Proof of parent club membership is required for all Associate Members and you cannot join the LVMAC before joining your parent club.

In 2017 the Indoor Only Memberships were introduced and are for the members that want to fly Indoors Only. These members pay a hall fee every on day they fly so their Club Fee is the MAAA/VMAA fe plus $2.00

Social Membership .....$20.00 - add $12.00 if you receive a hand mail newsletter

If you want a key to the Lake Narracan site please add $20.00. This fee is refundable if you hand the key back if you leave the club


The club has a joining fee for which the new member gets a Club Cap, Metal Badge, stickers and use of the club facilities.

Fees are for the year 01/07/** to 30/06/** and a club discount is offered for "new members" that join in the later half of the club year.

The MAAA/VMAA and LVMAC have a 1/2 yearly discount, only for the second half of the year (01/01/** to 30/6/**) and only to new members and past members that have been out of the flying scene for over 1 full year.

Please Note: past members must be out of the hobby for 1 or more full years to be eligible for the half year VMAA/MAAA/LVMAC fee.

The Joining fee is not halved as it is a once off fee!

LVMAC Joining Forms for rejoining members : Download

LVMAC Joining Forms for new members : Download