Flight proficency program

The Club has a Training Aircraft for people to have a go at flying an R/C model so if you are serious about learning to fly R/C then come and have a go before you buy anything. The Club also has a Junior Scholorship program for serious Junior members who might want to fly R/C models. This involves the return of a Juniors fees (not the joining fee) if they attend 12 flying sessions in their first year of club membership.

The Model Aeronautical Association of Australia has an Australia wide approved proficiency program that has been adopted by a lot of clubs in Australia. The State bodies, ( VMAA in Victoria ), issue the wings to the clubs on presentation of the fee and Logbook . All manoeuvres must be performed in front of at least one Instructor and performed from both directions of the airstrip in accordance with the MAAA Inc Flight Instructors Manual.

The Latrobe Valley Model Aero Club has adopted the MAAA Flight Proficiency Program. In July 2015 the MAAA introduced SILVER WINGS into the system. The following is required for the Bronze, Silver and Gold wings for Fixed Wing Aircraft. The system also caters for Helicopter and Glider Wings so go to the MAAA site to see what you need to do if you want them.


Power Fixed Wing for models weighing under 2kg


To obtain the Bronze Wings the Pilot must be able to demonstrate COMPETENT BASIC SKILLS in those aspects of R/C Powered Aircraft Flying listed below, to the Satisfaction of the Trainee Pilot's Club which is in turn responsible for the award of the Bronze Wings.

Pre flight Training - Dexterity Training, Theory, Airframe & Pre-Flight Checkout

Single stick to Duel stick Transition

Preliminary Flight Training and trimming Orientation

Take off

Procedure Turns

Figure 8

Landing Circuits

Approach and Landings

Download the Bronze and Silver Wing Form here .Bronze and Silver Wings Form


The Silver Wings test is the same as the Bronze Wings test but is for models weighing over 2kg. The same form is used


(Power Fixed Wing)

The pilot must complete all of the Bronze Wings manouvres plus some advanced knowledge and aerobatics as listed below.

Preliminary Training - Flying in different quadrants - knowledge of CAO 95.21

Outward and Inward figure eights


Immelman Turns

Cuban 8

Three Turn Spin

Inverted Flight

3 Horizontal Roll


Download the Gold Wing Form here

Gold Wings Form


Have obtained your Gold Wings

Satisfactorily complete a MAAA/VMAA instructors course theory and all practical.