Why join a club?

The answer to this one is simple. When you join an MAAA Affiliated club you are immediately covered by insurance. We currently have 3 insurance policies which are :-

1 A $20,000,000 public liability insurance policy. This policy is a third party policy. It only covers damage caused to other persons or to other persons property by your aircraft. (My understanding on this policy is that a claiment would have to prove negligence, possibly in a court, before any payment could be determined.) It does not cover damage to YOU or YOUR property. It also covers accidents to visitors which may be caused by themselves such as falling off a fence and injuring themselves. A $1000.00 excess applies for property damage and you will be up for the first $250.00 of any claim.

2 Cover for Directors or Office Bearers who may face litigation as a resulting of their involvement in administrative matters.

3 Personal accident cover which covers personal injury to yourself when involved with aeromodelling activities, including travelling, which are not covered by some other type of insurance. Currently an age restriction of under 10 or over 80 applies to this policy.


If you think it is easy to learn to fly model Aircraft, you are in for a shock. A club will provide an instructor to help you learn to fly and save you the expense of crashing your model on it's first day out. It takes from 1 to 6 months for a young person to learn to fly solo and up to 2 or more years for older members, everyone is different.

A club provides you with a place to fly safely and people with the same interest to answer your questions and give you some good, free and help full advice.