Life Members

The Latrobe Valley Model Aero Club currently has 3 Life Members.

In 2011 Wayne Lewis was nominated for a Life Membership for dedication and service to the Club.

Wayne has been a member of the club since 1982 and has been a club Office bearer since 1990, with 20 years as Treasurer. Wayne is now the Secretary and has been the editor of the club monthly newsletter since 1989 and over the years has done many diferent things to keep the club running in a successful way. Wayne has been responsible for starting and maintaining the LVMAC Website, mowing the Lake Narracan strip on many, many occasions, organising and running events, doing all those little jobs that most members would not even think about as well as teaching most new members to fly and doing the Bronze & Gold Wings testing - the list is endless.

In 2012 Alan Male was nominated for a Life Membership for his dedication and service to the club.

Alan who lives in Drouin joined the club in 1984 and has been a driving force at the Warragul site for a long time. Alan was Club President from 1999 to 2014 and has also taught many new members to fly over the years. As with Wayne, Alan does not usually have to be asked to do something. He just sees that it needs doing and does what is required. Alan is a wealth of Knowledge in the Aeromodelling game.

June 2017 saw Chris Davenport nominated for a Life Membership. Chris joined the Club in 2006 and was a Club Orientated person from day one and had been Club President for 10 years. Chris had put many hours into the club with mowing, cooking and odd jobs and always has a joke or two for everyone. Chris has also helped several newbies with model builds and repairs and is a very deserving recipient of a Life Membership.